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Barney is 50 and lives in Europe. At the age of 25 he contracted Lyme and gave up his career for less demanding and lighter interests. He has suffered for 25 years.

He took his first shot of GcMAF and the lyme disappeared in two days. He hasn’t felt this good since he was 20 years old.

Note: Success this quickly happens in less than one in fifty cases. You should expect to see improvements after a month. 20% of you don’t; its probably because you are not following the protocol.

2 thoughts on “Lyme

  1. I have had Lyme disease since 1986 and have struggled tremendously on and off before finally being diagnosed in 2014 by a great Holistic Doctor .I work hard to beat this disease rather than allow myself to succumb to it. I am 65 yrs old chronology but look much younger ,I believe because of my willpower to fight this sickness. I hope you can help me so I am able to help others in their battle to beat this.

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