Breast, Greece

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Stunning effect of GcMAF Eleni lives in Greece, is 72 years old, and was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. She went through a mastectomy and was subjected to chemotherapy several times. By July of this year (2017) she was stage 4, reduced to about half her normal weight, was in constant pain, often […]


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Barney is 50 and lives in Europe. At the age of 25 he contracted Lyme and gave up his career for less demanding and lighter interests. He has suffered for 25 years. He took his first shot of GcMAF and the lyme disappeared in two days. He hasn’t felt this good since he was 20 […]


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I have really noticed enormous improvements whilst taking GcMAF. I am making more eye contact and my social skills have improved largely. I have noticed my repetitive behaviours changing. I am doing things differently, walking different ways home, using new lockers in the gym, using different characters in video games (I used to just play […]

Breast cancer stage2

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Galena Girenok: I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in October 2013. I started on GcMAF after my doctor recommend it. I had 5 tumours in my breast and now there are only 2, and they have halved in size. I feel like this is a big achievement for myself and my doctors have […]

Prostate with radiation damage

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Kevin Gladd had Stage 4 prostate cancer with tumours additionally outside the prostate. Bowel was damaged following 40 rounds of radiation in the past. Toxic levels of lead and fertilisers/chemicals in the body. Took our GcMAF from 23rd November 2015. 26.4.16 Five months later scans show no evidence he ever had cancer. Five months is […]

CFS and Hep C

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I had CFS, used to be very tired and couldn’t get out of bed. 8th September 2015 started GcMAF: After one vial I am now waking up early, my head’s clear and I have a lot more energy. So happy to have found your company.   Also I have a brother who is a surgeon […]

Pancreatic stage 3

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Pancreatic cancer stage 3. Chemo the 1st June 2015 to the 7th September 2015. In total 7 treatments. His cancer is ductal adenocarcinoma and T3. Commenced GcMAF at the end of September 2015 at a dose of 0.25ml 3 times per week. Scan from 7th December 2015 has revealed a 50% reduction in tumour size […]