Participants’ Results

Results from Dr Steven Hofman on GcMAF patients 2011-2013

SWHofman MD, CMC-Capelle a/d Ijssel, Netherlands (GSM tel 0031622496122)

Nagalase done by the ELN-laboratory in Bunnik(NL). All patients (cancer unless ourindicated) were low in vitamin D and supplemented, also vitamin A and selenium were checked and, if indicated, supplemented.

A. Female born 1947 - Breast
A. Female born 1947. Carcinoma of left breast  found on survey), operated with sentinel nodes in 2010, chemotherapy 4 of 6 series, no specific complaints left. Still some malaise, fatigue and sleep-disorder. Nagalase on 090811: 1,70, 160112: 1,00, 120312: 0,72, 111212: 0,60. GcMAF-treatment (predominantly iv-route) combined with acupuncture, GcMAF discontinued  April 2012. Aspecific complaints diminished. Patient still seen every few months.
B. Male born 1950 - Bladder
B. Male born 1950. Carcinoma of the urine-bladder since 2009, treated with chemo-solutions locally. Nagalase 04072011: 3,10, 100212: 2,3, 250512: 1,8 and 261012: 1.40. Treatment with GcMAF and acupuncture, later GcMAF only (later iv-route). Bladder considered clean by urologist in summer 2012. GcMAF-treatment continued, awaiting repeated nagalase testing.
C. Female born 1950 - Breast
C. Female born 1950. Carcinoma of left mamma, specific complaints, metastases probable. After local operation, irradiation of thorax, combined with chemotherapy, Herceptin-therapy. Partly complaints in association with treatments. Nagalase testing 1105111: 5,60 , 061011: 2,90, 210212: 1,80 ,181012: 1,10. Treated with im, later iv GcMAF, and a few acupuncture-treatments. No further complaints (subsided in 3-6 weeks), still in iv GcMAF-regime.
D. Female born 1955 - Hepatitis C
D. Female born 1955. Hepatitis-C seropositive (with only slight liver function disturbances in ASAT/ ALAT), since years, found on routine for donor testing.No physical complaints mentioned. Nagalase 050711: 2,20, 191011: 1,70, 100212: 1,10, 150612: 1,90, 231012: 1,40, 201212: 1,10. During treatment a low vitamin B12 was found, the experts were silent over a possible relation with liver functioning and the rechute of nagalase to 1,90 was after nearly four weeks of patient discontinuation of treatment (B12 was substituted and for a period GcMAF was administered iv). No complaints, treatment continues.
E. Male born 1937 - Prostate
E. Male born 1937. Prostatecarcinoma found by PSA in 2009, no specific complaints. Treated by hormone-injections, which gave complaints. Before and in the same year coloncarcinoma was found, and operated after irradiation and chemotherapy (no untreated tumor/metastases probable). Nagalase 060411: 2,00, 290811: 1,20, 050112: 0,81, 050712: 0,67, 061212: 0,75. Treatment with acupuncture and  GcMAF, after some time, the hormone treatment was discontinued and complaints, also non-specific, bettered a lot. Stays on low-frequence surveillance and uses some medic/freq.therapy on my advice.
F. Male born 1941 - Bladder
F. Male born 1941. Larynx-carcinoma found and treated with curettage and irradiation in 2010. Hemorrhagic-rectocolitis in anamnesis, few complaints after 2005. Bladdercarcinoma found in 2011.  urine bladder treated by local curettage and several groups of BCG-instillations. Complaints related to tumor growth and treatments, no chemotherapy. My treatment consisted of acupuncture and GcMAF, im, and later iv-injections, weekly. Nagalase 160511: 4,70, 041011: 2,00, 100212: 1,20, 150612: 1.00, 231012: 0,88, 201212: 0,90.

During the immunetherapy there were interesting developments. Insisting on bladder extirpation by the urologists, coped with one change of urologist, two second opinions by a specialised cancer clinic and later by an urologist of the operation team scheduled. From the patient’s side there were several favourable adjustments in lifestyle, like discontinuation of smoking and adopting a daily intake of cod-liver-oil and salvia-leaf (own initiative). In the face of the urologists opinion I decided to give the GcMAF twice weekly over a period of six weeks. The last opinion of the treating urologist was to postpone a more final decision to February, due to a much better impression of the bladdermucosa beginning january 2013. There is optimism in the three named actors in the current situation.

G. Male born 1948 - Prostate
G. Male born 1948. Prostatecarcinoma 2008, prostate extirpated 2009, with good prognosis. However aspecific complaints of fatigue and pain stayed. GcMAF-treatment was started, together with a few acupuncture treatments. Nagalase 21102011: 1,90, 020212: 1,70, 191012: 1,2. Complaints diminished gradually and the injections were done iv later on. The treatment continues and a colleague took over the patient (RE).
H. Male born 1939 - Melanoma
H. Male born 1939. Patient known for a nervous depression a few years before, presented with a malignant melanoma on the left leg, locally treated surgically but with somewhat bulging left groin (containing swollen lymphnode(s).These contained malignant cells at biopsy then. He treated himself with supplements, advised by a colleague.

The nodes disappeared in a few weeks, combining the self-medication with acupuncture. In a few years the node(s) returned in a longer stay in Spain and biopsy then revealed annew malignant cells. Himself returned to Holland, took up treatment with ac., supplements and later heat therapy locally and general, with the result of slimming of the nodes. A few months he used an immunotherapy with a product, possibly containing GcMAF. Nagalase testing was not done. When the English GcMAF became available, he switched to that. Nagalase was : 240811: 1,10 and on 180912: 0,99. There is some slimming of the nodes and he considers to postpone a planned local surgery.
The patient has his compliance and my advise is to continue the current treatment.

I. Female born 1944 - Bladder
I. Female born 1944. Bladdercarcinoma treated since 2011 by urologist with curettage and BCG. Nagalase 090511: 4,10, 241011: 2,30, 030412: 1,40, 100912: 1,00, 041212:
0,75. During the testing period the patient was advised im GcMAF weekly, which was done with several lacunes. The bladder was considered in good condition on several occasions this period by the treating urologist.
J. Male born 1946 - Prostate
J. Male born 1946. Prostatecarcinoma found by PSA without complaints. Urologist advised biopsies which were refused by the patient. Scan revealed two small sites consistent with carcinoma. Advised therapy GcMAF im weekly. Nagalase 260612: 2,00, 271112: 1,50. Continuing GcMAF weekly.

All GcMAF was obtained from Immuno Biotech Ltd (, all nagalase testing was performed by ELN-laboratories at Bunnik(NL).==SWHofman, MD, Capelle a/d Ijssel 31-01-2013.

Our aim with this project is to make GcMAF available to the public. It has been used in human studies for 15 years, but until now no institute has made it available to more than a selected few. We hope to help as many people as possible and to collect their status reports in order to build the case that GcMAF is a cure for immune related diseases, particularly cancer.

We ask all participants for continual feedback. Please click on the feedback tabs at the top of the page to read these testimonials.

Our first trials: May – July 2010

Breast cancer with bone and lung metastasis
Finland: Woman age 67. Breast cancer for 16 years held at bay with vaccines, then better with LDN , anti-hormone treatment, DCA and other complementary treatments. But finally she ended up with metastasies (secondaries) on her ribs, other bones and in her lungs. She had fluid on her lungs, breathing problems, pain in her bones and was on anti-oestrogen too.

She dropped it all to take just our GcMAF on its own. In 7 weeks she was clear of symptoms, breathing well, her pain gone. She has good energy levels, her whole life back. Tests 8th July, 10 weeks in: The fluid in the lungs from her lung metastasis has diminished from 1,5 to 1 and her cancer marker Ca 15-3 has diminished from 268 to 193 during GcMAF treatment.

Pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis
Sweden: Woman aged 68: She had pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type with liver cancer  secondaries. She had pain in her stomach and abdomen so bad she was on morphine. Now, after 7 weeks, she has no symptoms, no pain, gave up the morphine and is a happy active person. She too plans to continue the GcMAF for the full course.
Ovarian and lung cancer
I first contracted cancer in the form of a granulosa cell tumour in 2005. After 2 operations and 3 months of chemo by January 2010 it had reached stage 4 and had spread from my ovaries to my  lungs. After that scan in January I was told the chemo had failed, my 5 tumours were still growing, given Tamoxifen hormone, told I had between 3 months and 2 years left to live, and sent on my way.

I started taking GcMAF at the age of 56 on 16th May 2010;  the only feeling or side effect I have from GcMAF is I felt almost from the beginning that I had my old energy back and was feeling much better and fitter in myself. After 8 weeks of taking only GcMAF and Tamoxifen I went for a scan. This showed all tumours had shrunk, the four in my lungs were now hardly noticeable and that the aggressive tumour in my pelvis had shrunk from 7.4cm to 4.1 cm. This is a significant decrease in size.

The stand-in consultant was very excited, and said these were excellent results. As I did not know her, and she did not ask, I did not tell her why.

On the 21st Oct I had another scan; the improvements continued; the secondaries appeared to be merely scar tissue, and the pelvic tumour had shrunk to 3.5cm.

In the winter my improvements seemed much slower; we now know because GcMAF needs normal vitamin D levels. But I’ve just got back from a wild month in Australia and Thailand, the sunshine should have done wonders for my vitamin D levels, and for my next scan. I will keep you updated. But I am over the moon and feel better than ever.

Update: My partner and I split up and the stress put me back 18 months. My lung metastaces came back.
Meanwhile Immuno Biotech, who were continually improving the protocols, gave me new instructions on the paleo diet and put me on two doses a week. The lung metastaces were destroyed for the second time.

In April 2013 I finally had the remaining piece of ovarian cancer removed by surgery. It was isolated from the body, surrounded by mucus, which is an action of GcMAF, and appeared to be mainly scar tissue.

Needless to say I was on GcMAF before, during and after the surgery, to ensure that when the cutting releases cancer cells to float around the body, they could not settle and create secondaries.

In October 2013 I finally received scans to prove I am cancer free. Without even scar tissue!

Even though I was their slowest case, 3.5 years to be cancer free, I was asked to be one of five people involved setting up Immuno Biotech’s European clinic, where they reduce tumours by 25% a week. I now work a week a month giving support to patients. Its the happiest place.

And yes, you can phone me if you like. Gail in London.

40-year-old Italian woman with symptoms which severely degraded her life. After ten shots of our GcMAF ending in October 2010 her CD4 climbed from 50 to 300, her symptoms disappeared, then she went on holiday and stopped the GcMAF. She’s now classified as HIV. Published by Professor Ruggiero’s team 29th March, see bottom of “Tests of our GcMAF”

Second Trials: 1st January 2011 onwards

25 new participants started in January 2011, including 8 HIV and one Parkinson’s.

Immune related chronic sinus condition
Man, 50, USA. 10 years of consultations and medicines did not improve his condition. He began taking our GcMAF on 1st January 2011. “The first few weeks, while taking GcMAF, I noticed a great change in my physical well-being. I was energized and my sinus’ began to clear. They have not been as clear for this amount of time for years! Then things started to slow down. I feel like things are continuing to get better just at a slower pace than the first two to three weeks. Since it takes many weeks for cancer and such to be eradicated, I figure it will take many weeks to completely get rid of my symptoms as well. Yes, I’ll take the vitamin D as well. 11th Feb 2011. If you look at the area around my nose in the before photo it is all swollen. I could not breathe through my nose at all and had constant sinus drainage. In the after photo the swollen area around my nose is GONE completely and I am able to get air flow through my nose. I have not been able to get air flow through my nose for almost 15 years! Now I can!
Breast cancer
Rose, California: After my first vial of GcMAF my mastectomy pathology report came back clean, good margins and clear lymph nodes. A 1.5cm soft cancer had completely disappeared.
39-year-old woman in Sweden. 1st Sept 2011: on our GcMAF for 16 weeks. + 5000IU vitamin D daily + vitamin supplements. Armpit tumour gone. Lung tumours shrunk from 6mm to 3mm, the rest are gone, breast tumour shrunk 7cm to 1cm.
Breast Bones and Liver
50-year-old woman in Guernsey. Given 2 months to live by Belgian and UK doctors in September 2012. We promised her she would be cancer free in a year. At 10 months her medical report showed her liver had recovered to be completely normal. At 11 months, her scans proved she was cancer free (August 2013). See the newspaper article: GuernseyPressJo
Metastatic breast cancer
42-year-old woman in El Paso Texas.
Before she started our GcMAF in April 2011 she was in a walker (Zimmerframe) and on morphine. She had some radiation in March which her doctor said damaged her bone marrow, making her worse, and took Xgeva (a chemo) until July which damaged her immune system. Then she did GcMAF alone.  20.9.11 “I have never felt more amazing than after my “double dose” of GcMAF this week” In November her nagalase had dropped from just under 6 to 2.9. She had thrown her Zimmerframe away and gone back to work, dropped the morphine and replaced it with Advil. 7.12.11
“I have the opportunity to treat patients from all over the world and the addition of GcMAF for my cancer patients is truly adding a new dimension not previously available to us. Recently I have been following a 42 year old woman who had already undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for stage IIIB breast cancer. I obtained a nagalase test through ELN (Holland) and it returned in the very elevated range of 4.20nmol/min/mg (normal reported by this lab does not exceed 0.95). Her other tumor markers were not elevated, but her PET scan demonstrated a likely metastatic site in the hip bone. After discussing her options the patient wanted to try GcMAF therapy prior to considering more radiation or chemotherapy. After 6 weeks of GcMAF 100ng/week subcutaneous injections (much like a shot of insulin) her repeat nagalase test returned at 2.10 (a 50% reduction).  All of her other tumor markers remain negative and she is taking the dose of Vitamin D3 required to optimize her blood levels (9000 iu/day). It is too soon for her PET to be repeated but we will follow this soon to determine the course of the bone metastasis. The nagalase test may be a more sensitive marker for tumor burden than other more accepted blood tests. GcMAF given via simple patient administered once weekly injections is clearly able to reduce the nagalase level dramatically over a short period of time. In previous published studies, nagalase response to GcMAF was correlated with reduction and eventual elimination of cancer.  This is an encouragement to us all and I will keep you posted on the patient’s progress.”

Dr James Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, MDH, FAAFP (blog site)

Editor’s Note: All Dr Bradstreet’s 20 cancer patients are responders.

Hello Dr. Bradstreet, After 13 weeks of the GCMAF, we are happy to report that she continues to have tremendous gains in all areas. Increased socialization and speech, better performance in the school as well as community settings, decreased tantrums and less vocal protests, she is able to change activities and transition to non preferred tasks. It has been absolutely amazing, all her therapists, teachers, other parents have remarked about her good behavior in public places (for example, grocery stores, department stores such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, The Zoo, Bowling, the library, parks and playgrounds. In the past, we never went to these places in fear of her stimming, or her behavior (45 minute tantrums). Now, she surprises us as well as others with her appropriate comments and follows direction very well. Before she would only eat one thing (french fries) and now she eats everything including vegetables!!!!!  I’ve sent some pictures to show her progress. We are so excited to see what more phenomenal things are in the future to come!

Dr Bradstreet’s note: This is from the parents of a child who used to have severe autism and is now rapidly normalizing. (Original Nagalase level was 3.90 – HUGE.) Your product is clearly and objectively working at both a biological level and a life restoring one as well.

Editor’s note: 85% of Dr Bradstreets autism children have responded so far.

Man, 56, prostate, 9 on the Gleason scale, PSA 764.5, bone metastacies, in pain and given 4-6 months to live April 8th 2011: Took our GcMAF from 27th April. His nagalase on the 22nd July was 4.5. On the 26th Sept his nagalase was 2.3. On the 21st October his PSA was down 98% to 10.9. His doctor, who has an excellent set of medical reports on the case, comments that his cancer “appears to be getting under control with GcMAF.
Danish doctor: Bernard, Norway. Prostate cancer with bone secondaries. Walking again after 3 months of GcMAF, his PSA reading down from 120 to 60.”
15.10.11 New Zealand, man, 64, HCG steady at 52.6. After 12 GcMAF injections down to 51.4, a big reduction in cancerous activity. (49 or less is classed as a cancer free body.)
Man, Austria, doctor attempted to cure Parkinsons, failed so far, accidentally eradicated his myeloma in 10 weeks by mistake.
20.10.11 Woman, 70, Australia. Began with DCA from 17th July 2011. Before we started the treatment she was not at all well. She wasn’t eating, was pretty much immobile spending most of the day on a lounge chair. Grey in the face, with no energy. We could not persuade our family to drop the chemo so she double dosed GcMAF from 27th August, and started chemo on the 14th September. We have seen a marked improvement with the GcMAF. She is now walking around the neighbourhood, cooking, cleaning, going shopping etc.

Both her G.P as well as her Oncologist are amazed at how well she looks and feels. They expected the Chemo would have caused her to be very ill. She has had little reaction thus far to the Chemo, bar one or two days of slight nausea straight after the Chemo treatments. Whilst they don’t say it aloud, I’m sure they also expected her cancer to cause her to have deteriorated by now. In these three months Mum’s CA19 markers have dropped from 929 to 291.

Bladder cancer
Vivian, 46, Holland, bladder with lymph node, started GcMAF 5th May 2011. The first Nagalase test, before GcMaf, was 5,8. After 13 weeks 1.4. The tumor marker CEA has come down from 3300 to 96. “I’am feeling better and better, more energy” – 30.11.2011.
Danish doctor: 2nd June 2011: 65- year old woman from Macedonia with a solid stomach tumour looking as though she was 9 months pregnant but the rest of her body skin and bone. The onkologists wouldn’t give her chemo, with a life expectancy of two weeks and no hope whatsoever. No appetite and tired.

Took GcMAF and Psorinum 6x. By the end of July she had improved, the tumor was smaller, she had more fat and muscle and got her appetite back. In June she gained three kilos of weight, but lost them again. July added LDN and injections of Polymannan extract.

By the end of August, she has gained three kilos, almost all the tumor is gone, she has no symptoms whatsoever and is taking care of her grandchild with joy and passion. Good appetite, Normal muscles and fat.

Liver cirrhosis due to Hepatitis B (HBV virus)

Italy. It took 1.6 years to fully recover from the liver cirrhosis, all the researchers who saw such fast improvement were really surprised, and I am not aware of such fast improvement ever being reported before (about 50% can regress cirrhosis by 5-6 years of antiviral use but only partially, nodules don’t regress)

13/11/2009 Baseline Fibroscan was 15.9kpa, 16/10/2012 4,5kpa

Nodules on the cirrhotic liver are slowly regressing 2 years after the first GcMAF. Cirrhotic nodules are not report to regress on advanced cirrhosis.

The GcMAF immune system rebuild has been completely successful. 10.1.12. Sure I am close to a complete cure. All opportunistic infections gone, except HBV which is slowly declining, great immune system, and none of the usual colds.  He also took the vitamin D and our relevant recommendations from “Treatment Strategies” on the left. Stopped GcMAF July 2012.


Four apparent aids/HIV cures, but most haven’t been on it long enough.
Austrian Doctor: two women in their 40s. Both now symptom free, their lives back to normal in 10 shots.
US Doctor: Stuart, 53, outside Europe, his life returning to normal after 8 shots. 30th May he told me that both he and his doctor agree he is cured, his nagalase has returned to normal, he feels as good as he ever has in his life. His other readings, however, have not improved. The best case we have on CD4s, 8’s and viral load remains the girl with aids last year.  It may be it takes longer than we expect.

The 8 HIV results due in early June only showed the expected elevated monocyte/macrophage counts, probably because the doctor involved did not give the 4000IU+ vitamin D we recommend. Her reasoning was an email, and information on the blogs about Dr Cheney and Dr de Meirleir, which suggested that GcMAF causes elevated vitamin D levels. She now knows, after the before and after blood tests, that genuine GcMAF does not raise vit D levels at all, is giving those participants 8000 IU, and starting again.

US Doctor: Email 1.8.2011: Hi David, Richard, my son, is getting better. The following are improvements we observe : He is off the oxygen; He was weaned off Lyme medications; He can drive himself to the doctor-round trip; He now gets up out of bed at about 12 PM (prior to that it was 4, 5, or 6PM) and stays up until bedtime- 10-11:00PM (Prior to GcMAF, his bedtime was sporadic and he slept most of the day and night); he has more energy and cooks 1 or meals; he can now take short walks; he can carry on conversations; his speech is no longer labored. (Thanks Mary. That’s more than my son does. How do I get him to make me dinner? David. His GcMAF arrived12th April 2011)
Dutch doctor: 4 cfs in Holland, huge improvement to the quality of their lives in 8 weeks, no side effects beyond one who had 3.5 hours of hot flushes after the first two injections. A fifth responded in three days, got out of bed, went back to work, then started a business.
Michel, Spain: I stole some of my wife’s GcMAF for my five year long chronic back inflammation. At the end of two weeks it was gone! I’m feeling a bit guilty now – may I please have another vial?
Chronic herpes zoster
8.11.11 Woman 35, Spain, herpes went completely after 5 weeks of our GcMAF. 8 months later there’s still not a trace.
A Guernsey man asked us if GcMAF would help LMBBS, a CFS like disease that degrades your body and eyesight with macular degeneration, which is irreversible. We’d never heard of it, only 300 people have it in the UK. We suggested he try it, as worst case, GcMAF does no harm. His children, aged 20,  started from 27th March 2013. Six weeks later on the the 11th May he wrote: “They have been transformed.” On the 27th June his son’s optician told him “his macular has regrown significantly” On 16th August his article was printed in the Guernsey Press : click it here: Gpressnigel
Arthritis, fibromyalgia, herpes, acne, ASD/ADHD

Miami, USA doctor, 48 year old man, AIDS and AIDS dementia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, herpes simplex one, acne, ASD. He spent 18 hours a day in bed. The arthritis pain in his hips, and to a lesser extent shoulders, was so bad he couldn’t sleep. He had horrible acne, deep lesions, inflammation and boils on his back, arms and other places which made it painful to move, uncontrolled herpes flareups and fibromyalgia pain.  He told his doctor that life had become a living hell. His ASD gave him frustration with attempting to communicate. He could not even take a phone call, and had become a recluse.

He stopped all his HIV and other meds one week before gcmaf, which he started on the 4th November 2011. After just 5 shots of GcMAF his doctor states there had been significant improvements in the ASD from the end the second week. The horrible acne was gone in 3 weeks of GcMAF. His herpes was eradicated at the end of 4 weeks GcMAF, and his frustration with attempting to communicate gone. He then spoke to me fluently on the phone for half an hour. He says he started improving significantly on the 3rd GcMAF dose. The arthritis pain has subsided substantially and he sleeps now. His fibromyalgia pain has decreased enormously. He now goes to bed at 11pm and gets up at 8 am. His fatigue is mostly gone. Instead of looking sickly, he now looks better than he’s ever looked, and everyone is commenting. He says life is now absolutely worth living. 13.12.11 His doctor called again. “I am astounded” He is 90% recovered of autism in 7 doses.  His skin is healing in 1/5th the time it was. (Editor’s note: Warning: The speed of this recovery is not typical)

Chronic Depression
19.4.13 Dr Martin Stoppler from Germany spoke at our Frankfurt conference to say he had eradicated chronic depression in 17 patients. He has 103 patients on GcMAF, most of the remainder are cancer with excellent results.