Why Us?

Why Immuno Biotech?

GcMAF is the body’s way of curing cancer and 50 other diseases without side effects. Its a human protein, a human right,  and is the king of immunotherapies. There are 400 scientists and 200 scientific research papers behind GcMAF.

The most experienced GcMAF production company in the world

We were the second company to make genuine GcMAF available to the public, in 2010 (then the first was closed down.)

The leader in scientific research

Our scientists have had six and a half years to keep their production the best in the world, constantly improving in our four laboratories (which are in different countries). That’s why we have been able to write 33 scientific leading research papers, all peer reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals.

We were the company that discovered, in the laboratory and in vivo, 9 extra actions of GcMAF in the human body, bringing the total to 11, and published it in research papers.

You can read them at  gcmaf.se/immuno-biotechs-40-papers/

If you go to scholar.google.co.uk and key in the three names for GcMAF: GcMAF OR DBP-MAF OR "vitamin D Binding Protein Macrophage activating factor" you'll get 965 research papers. The number increases every year.

We run GcMAF Immunology Conferences. Typically 150 scientists, doctors and patients attend. See www.gcmafconference.org

We have patents on over 200 GcMAF molecules. No one else has.

Easily the most highly tested genuine GcMAF

No one can match our testing; we do nine laboratory tests on our batches. You can read the tests at gcmaf.se/tests-of-gcmaf/

We do that because its difficult to make genuine GcMAF; most companies get it wrong and make inactive, useless GcMAF.  Without tests, you don’t know whether its GcMAF or not.

The last three of our nine tests are activity tests. You can see time lapse photography for tests 8 and 9 at gcmaf.se/videos.  Test 8 its GcMAF killing all cancer cells in three days, and Test 9 is turning cancer cells back into healthy cells.

Our sterility testing has always been done independently, out of house. It has always been perfect, and our product has always been highly active.

The manufacturer you choose is crucial; the difference between good results, and nothing at all.

Supplied over 11,000

We have supplied over 11,000 people, much through clinics and doctors, and inside our own clinics.

We’ve successfully treated 33 different types of cancer; our GcMAF treats all tumour cancers, which is 90% of them. And more than 50 major other diseases.

You can see testimony of people who have recovered from disease with our GcMAF at :

gcmaf.se/participants-results/    and   gcmaf.se/news/

And videos of ten people reporting their recoveries from major diseases at gcmaf.se/videos.

Thousands of fabulous results


Results at home are not as good as in our clinics, but still very impressive. 60% of cancer patients who give us feedback report improvements, and across all diseases its 70%.

We were the first and only suppliers to Dr Jeff Bradstreet, who, from 2011 to 2016, treated 2,000 children with our GcMAF, all without side effects. He had the best autism results in the world.

We have saved hundreds of lives, and removed diseases from thousands of people.

Our own clinics

We have run our own clinics in Switzerland, Germany and Guernsey, where we were able to develop protocols that greatly enhanced the effectiveness of GcMAF.

When we began, we were able to treat stage 4 cancer with 5% success. After our first clinic, that went up to 77% success.

The clinics enabled our 33 research papers to be written with both clinical and laboratory input.

The best result we get is with the worst of cancers, pancreatic cancer, which is normally a quick trip to death. In terminal stage 4 pancreatic cases in our clinics, we take people with a week or two to live, and in three months 100% of them have no symptoms of the disease. We always succeed. Some of their doctors report that after another year, they are cancer free on scans.

The results in clinics are better than at home; they enable us to save more lives.

We are easily the world's leading authority on GcMAF.

We are a benevolent, scientific, highly professional, philanthropic group of companies, now spread over several nations.