Diabetes & Obesity

People ask us if GcMAF helps with wight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure. We don’t think so, and here’s why:

We have just one 60 year old man with a love of Real Ale and gourmet food who has tried gcmaf.eu GcMAF for diabetes with an additional weight loss and blood pressure (hypertension) goal.

His blood sugar ranged between 11 – 12.7, was 16.5 stone which he had tried for years to shift, and had become less active, experiencing pains if he attempted to run, and blood pressure of 188/90.

He took 0.25ml GcMAF every three days and went on a “chicken and water diet” – that’s only chicken, steak, or fish, one or two such meals a day, at least 4 pints of water a day, and never ate after 5 pm, allowing at least a 15 hour “fast” to the next meal.

To make up for the deficiencies in this diet, he also took a multivitamin tablet, omega3, chromium, zinc + B6, magnesium (gets rid of sugar), vitamins C and B12, plus calcium.

He broke the diet ONLY with tea and coffee (with a drop of milk) and stevia as the sweetener. He gave up everything else – no sugar, no carbohydrates, no fruit, nothing at all – he even gave up Real Ale.

The result was his blood sugar dropped by between 1.7 and 1.0 a day on his blood test finger pricker. It took just 5 days to get to a reading of 6.5. The doctor’s surgery measured it on the fifth day as 6.0, just inside the normal range of 3.9 – 6.1. (GcMAF does not get blood sugar down on its own. You have to do the diet. And we can’t prove that GcMAF helped.)

Metformin when stopped or started over days or years did not measurably effect the blood sugar readings, but the laxative effects of 3 or four pills at breakfast helped him lose 1 stone, 14 lbs, in two weeks.  His doctor then measured his blood pressure at 136/84.

Pharmaceuticals attack this sort of diet as “extreme” and dangerous” (it is putting them out of business) but perhaps it is much less dangerous than death from the common diabetes/obesity/high blood pressure syndrome.

At 15.5 stone he felt enormously more fit and was able to start “Interval training.”

You spend two minutes walking and jogging to warm up on your way to a mild hill, run up the hill as fast as you can for 30 seconds, (don’t go over a minute) then walk down resting for at least 1 minute 30 seconds. Then repeat 3 times. 12 minutes a day does the trick. Or seven times 3 days a week.

The problem is you can’t stop at a blood sugar of 6.0 – if he went back to his old ways the weight and blood sugar went right back up again. You have to get down to 5.0  before you eat and drink more normally, while maintaining the exercise for the rest of your now long life. And if the weight or blood sugar do start creeping up again, you have to jump right back on it.

This man, who is otherwise healthy, has taken GcMAF on and off for over 2 years. He’d had inflammation and backache for 22 years. That went in 3 months. Instead of half a dozen colds a year he’s had none. His peridontal disease went completely.  Instead of 6 months of powders, he cures his athletes foot in two days with a shot in his calf.  His hay fever, which is immune system related, has totally gone, but that was improving anyway.

But we are sure GcMAF does not help high blood pressure or obesity, unless the obesity is viral related. GcMAF is for viruses, bacterial infections, and immune system related illnesses.