Incurable ovarian HGSC / peritoneal carcinomatosis

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GcMAF saved me from incurable HGSC cancer
by Teri Newman
My doctors predicted I would die in November 2016 of terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer, specifically High Grade Serous Carcinoma (HGSC) of the ovaries and uterus. It degraded into peritoneal carcinomatosis; this cancer has no survivors. It doubles in size every six weeks.s

My sister and I both carry BRCA1+ gene, and she died with the same cancer on 18th November 2015. It was the chemotherapy, which cost $700,000, that killed her in 11 months, after horribly mutilating her body – also a double radical mastectomy and radical hysterectomy.
She bled to death in front of BOTH of my elderly parents when her esophagus RUPTURED from chemo-induced vomiting. 50% of patients die from the chemo poison, not the cancer.

There are 100 scientific research papers that say that peritoneal carcinomatosis following HGSC is not improved by chemotherapy, and that there is no point to it–other than chemo is a huge moneymaker. So she was murdered for profit– the doctors knew the chemo would kill her.
Here’s her obituary:

Although a dozen doctors tried to force me to take chemotherapy, I flatly refused.

Angelina Jolie and Christina Applegate have the same BRCA1 gene; Christina got stage one breast cancer and had a double masectomy; Angelina Jolie, scared she will experience the same fate, had the preventative hysterectomy and double mastectomy–the same surgery I was having which revealed my cancer; believe me, they have nothing to worry about, provided they ignore their doctors.

As a former nurse I did my own research, and discovered GcMAF by Immuno Biotech Ltd in England.
Their GcMAF is obviously genuine because they put it through 9 tests. If there are no tests, it’s fake, and every other product being sold as GcMAF is NOT worth buying; Rerum is completely useless. Everyone I know who was using Rerum DIED quickly while First Immune keeps racking up cures.
If GcMAF from First Immune didn’t work, it would not be a threat to Big Pharma’s blood money profits. THIS IS THE ONLY REASON FIRST IMMUNE/IMMUNO BIOTECH ARE BEING PERSECUTED. It’s criminal activity by goverment.

Although GcMAF would have been under 10% the cost of chemotherapy, I couldn’t afford it. And my health insurance wouldn’t pay.

So Immuno Biotech simply told me they would send it anyway, at no charge. And they did so, right up until the date they were closed down by the English MHRA for the second time, on 22nd February 2017. (see  They even paid the huge shipping charges, to save my life.

I started taking it on the 25th June 2016. There were no side effects–NONE.  I felt great, plenty of energy, and no one would believe I had cancer: Because I wasn’t bald, vomiting with mouth sores and a starved skeleton frame.

I was supposed to DIE in November 2016, when my MRIs showed the tumors shrinking–a cancer than chemo is totally ineffective against.  I am alive right now ONLY because of GcMAF and if I die it will be because Big Pharma and the corrupt MHRA closed Immuno Biotech, and the MHRA and Big Pharma will be 100% liable for my death.  If they kill me, I will not die silent, as I have written a book about this experience.

GcMAF is a human protein, the body’s own way of curing cancer, and I took it for only eight months. I need it for a year at least to become cancer free.
Now in March 2017 I have MRI scans that say my cancer is being killed off. I would have a belly full of cancer and would have died by now if I had allowed myself to be chemo-ed.  I’m as fit as a fiddle, and if I had obeyed the dozen doctors who all advised me to take chemotherapy, I’d be as dead as a door nail.
The doctors–who are amazed I am alive at all–are STILL trying to force me to have chemo.

To me, Immuno Biotech are angels, and I owe them and David Noakes my LIFE.  There are no words I can ever express that will thank them enough for what they have done for me, and their generosity.

If I die because of what Big Pharma and the MHRA have done, I will die cursing them for causing my death, just to protect their profits.  They are the scum of the Earth and deserve the fate that God will have in store for their members.  They promote the MURDER by chemotherapy of a million people a year with their Billion dollar poison.

I am Teri Davis Newman, age 58. I ran for Congress in 2010 in Illinois, so am visible on the web.
My website for my cure is and see my video at

Youtube: Teri Davis Newman

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  [email protected]

As of October 2017 my cancer is only stable, as its almost impossible to get GcMAF.

5 thoughts on “Incurable ovarian HGSC / peritoneal carcinomatosis

  1. Hello Teri thank you for your testimonial. My name is Lenny, i’m reaching out to you because i too am a cancer patient. I do hope that you got the GcMAF that you needed to complete your treatment. Any additional information that you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank You again, Lenny

  2. Teri,
    I have just discovered the articles on GcMAF and Immuno Biotech.
    I’m flabbergasted as to why this is not front and centre in the world press – given the huge amount of money that has gone into cancer research and other conditions that GcMAF apparently tackles successfully.
    I wonder whether “Big Pharma” has anything to do with this deafening silence.
    Is there no way at all that you can obtain the GcMAF to complete your course?
    What is needed is someone of stature and philanthropic ability to take up the challenge against the Pharmaceutical industry and lobbyists i.e. Bill Gates and wife.
    It’s absolutely scandalous that GcMAF is hung out to die!
    Surely, not everyone in the medical research community is under the thumb of “BP”. How can they silence everyone…
    I recently discovered that I have pancreatic cancer (Stage 1B) – adjunctive (sic) chemo. post whipple operation.
    Best of luck/wishes to you.
    Phil Irwin.

  3. Hi, my name is stephanie and my friend Robin is battling stage 4 metastasized colon ca in its late stage. There are many tumors in her body. Can this help her and at what does and how do we get the most pure and effective product. Thank you so much

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