Beware of blogs

Please beware of GcMAF blogs. You may notice that very few bloggers check their facts by emailing a scientist, talking to a doctor, or, heaven forbid, contacting the manufacturer.

We have people who have, for example, waited 3 months to start GcMAF and nearly died of cancer, because blogs told them not to start GcMAF until their vitamin D blood test showed 60ng/ml, when the truth is just taking 10,000iu of vitamin D a day gives GcMAF all the vitamin D it needs.

A blogger gets an idea, publishes it, even though its entirely wrong, and then other bloggers repeat the same falsehood. Then a patient will believe it, and suffer appallingly as a result. Blogs really are 80% recycled disinformation.

Don’t forget, the value of the information you receive is entirely dependent on its source, ie, the person you got it from. And on blogs, the vast majority of posters are anonymous.

That alone makes the information somewhere between highly suspect, and worthless.

We ourselves don’t post on blogs, and don’t have any. We put everything on the website.

Please, if you have a question, its probably answered on this website. If it isn’t, email us. So far this year we have written 16 research papers which were peer reviewed and published in prestigious scientific journals; that’s far more than any other group of immunology scientists. We have 4 eminent scientists and a doctor on staff, we’ve treated 5,000, and have more GcMAF experience than anyone else on earth.