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I have really noticed enormous improvements whilst taking GcMAF. I am making more eye contact and my social skills have improved largely.

I have noticed my repetitive behaviours changing. I am doing things differently, walking different ways home, using new lockers in the gym, using different characters in video games (I used to just play the same over and over). I used to listen to about 4 songs all day, now it’s 20.

This new broad range of interests is a little shocking to me. I just find myself doing these new things and think to myself “I don’t normally do this”.

I am messier now. I used to be neat and tidy with putting things away as people with Asperger’s always are. Now I put things away in a messy way and surprising myself. My handwriting has also improved. I have noticed more and more non-Asperger’s behaviours. These are really freaking me out.

I have never ever made eye contact until now. I have noticed my eye contact is so strong now. Other people are shocked by it too. I am talking to people and I spend the whole conversation making eye contact and it is unusual for me. The people who are aware of my treatment and condition are also noticing now.

Medical people I know are shocked by this new ability. It is coming naturally to me now and it never did before. I’m 28 and only started making eye contact now so it is very new.

My empathy and people skills improving. I am understanding people more.

I feel so alive in my head. This is because autism is lagging brain cells. When the cells are woken up it feels like a breath of life. I feel like I have a new breath of life in my brain and it feels nice. This stuff is really good. It is horrible having Asperger’s, it truly is. Now it is all going away.

Just the same few things over and over all day every day. Now I can’t do that as I am bored of this and want variety. Sadly, autistic repetition makes it easy to be happy as you only need one thing, now I am bored easily. Things that used to annoy me don’t anymore.

I see emotions more, use less and less repetition. They creep up on me all the time. “Where did that come from? I couldn’t do that last week?”

One thing that’s weirding me out is my back. I have scoliosis and see a guy once a month. Oddly since I started taking this product my spine has improved a lot.It used to annoy me when there was a radio and TV on at the same time. Now I can listen to both without difficulty. When it used to drive me mad.

My general health, both physically and mentally has shot up tremendously. My mind is more relaxed and healthy. I sleep better and do just about everything better. I am currently taking 0.3ml once a week.

I would say in terms of percentage improvement, certainly a lot like 50-75%.

Dave – Age 28, Autism & Asperger’s. (Note: Although we have been involved with over 3,500 autism cases, we do not have much experience with Aspergers)