Why Us?

Why Immuno Biotech? GcMAF is the body’s way of curing cancer and 50 other diseases without side effects. Its a human protein, a human right,  and is the king of immunotherapies. There are 400 scientists and 200 scientific research papers behind GcMAF. We were the second company to make genuine GcMAF available to the public, […]

Older research papers

GcMAF research papers As of February 2013, on the American National Library of Medicine alone, 142 eminent scientists from 8 nations have published 59 major GcMAF research papers, which can be viewed on the US Government’s Pubmed system. Immuno Biotechs is the only publicly available GcMAF that is used in these research papers. There are […]

Immuno Biotech’s 40 papers

A NovelGcMAFCancerApoptosisNutrientsParicalcitrol.pdf – (Preview below) AmolecularGcMAF_VDRoleic_M1ShiftSIAI.ppt – (Preview below) AmolecularGcMAF_VDRoleicAbstractIJAE.jpg – (Preview below) AnewCorticalAxialAutismUltrasonographyBradstreet.pdf EffectGoleicMyleomaCellsAnticResAbsGreece3.pdf – (Preview below) Effects of GcMAF on glial cells BV-2.ppt – (Preview below) EffectsGcMAF on glial cells BV-2.pptx – (Preview below) EffectsGcMAFNeuroblastomaCellsVDR.pdf EffectsGlycoGoleicMyelomaHodgkinsCells2015.pdf – (Preview below) EffectsOfGcMAFneuronsCFSMiceAJI.2013.pdf – (Preview below) FocussUltraBrainHER2PancreaticGcMAFAntiCResAbsGreece.pdf – (Preview below) FuldaGcMAFCancerAutismGlialCFS2013.ppt GcMAFBreastApoptosisCellLIVERPOOL.ppt GcMAFProliferationNagalaseMCF7LIVERPOOL.ppt – (Preview below) […]

Our Scientific Publications

32 of our research papers have now been peer reviewed and published by some of the worlds top scientific journals. In 2013 we submitted no less than 17 scientific research papers or posters  Our first in 2014 was available on the 2nd January, and 15 were published in 2014. All have been peer reviewed, accepted […]

300 GcMAF Scientists

As of June 2016, on the American National Library of Medicine alone, 180 eminent scientists from 8 nations have re-published 73 major GcMAF research papers. These can be viewed on the US Government’s Pubmed system. There are as many papers published in other nations again, so worldwide the total will be around 140 research papers […]