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Lyme, EBV and co-infections

I am here to tell you that there is hope. I understand that after my own nine year battle involving countless futile attempts to find a cure, this simple four letter word becomes very difficult to digest.

The Lyme and other viruses had attacked my body so viciously that I was completely bed bound and reliant on my carer for everything. I could not stand noise of any description, touch, light, or movement. I could not move a finger without my brain swelling and causing me intense pain. My body began to reject all food so that I was literally starving. I had to lay still in a bed with no communication whatsoever, wearing earplugs, headphones, and an eye mask to protect me from the world. This extreme level of suffering occurred for three and a half years. There were actually many other severe symptoms that I was dealing with at the same time, but I’m sure you get the picture. My situation was devastatingly dark.

And then I began to take GcMAF in November 2015 and it literally saved my life. Within eight days (two very low doses) I began to feel changes in my symptoms. Within a few weeks some of the serious symptoms of my illness were disappearing (an entirely new experience in my healing journey). I was shocked. Over the following months many of my major symptoms resolved themselves without me needing to do anything more than simply take GcMAF once every four days. My POTS (being unable to sit or stand without collapsing) disappeared, my breathing difficulties resolved, I was able to eat wholesome foods again, stand a degree of touch, sight, sound, and communication.

A doctor retested me for some of the co infections that had been at record high levels before starting GcMAF and they were gone.

I was improving but my body would constantly try to go back to familiarity, all that it had known for so many years. I had to keep telling it, ‘you don’t need to react like this anymore, you are well’. Right from the first day this is what I did. I said ‘you are well, the GcMAF has made you well but your body doesn’t know how to run properly again. It is just stuck in what it knows, but you must relearn how to feel healthy again’. And this is the mind set I kept throughout this last part of my healing.

Looking back I realize that my body was actually at one hundred percent for months before I began to believe it was true. The evidence was there in the remittance of my symptoms and the test results I received after only six months of taking GcMAF.

I am now able to say that I am a healthy individual. I am completely autonomous and independent. I am able to live my life as I wish and experience the world fully again. I have actually just returned from a seven week solo trip to Bali where I was able to participate in activities such as white water rafting, swimming in waterfalls, and climbing difficult terrain.

I have a tremendous amount of gratitude towards Immuno Biotech who created this supplement and made it available to the public. I cannot express how I feel towards them for they are the ones that gave me my life back, literally saved me. Because of GcMAF, I am now sitting here, writing this as a completely healthy individual after nine years of living with a terribly debilitating illness.

Carly, London. 5th August 2016.

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